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A program developed & run by school teachers, for children, aimed at developing the skills they need to navigate and overcome the challenges of today.

The FITkids experience is like no other. Born from a passion for education and wellness, the program was specifically designed to help young people overcome the challenges they face today.

Our program focuses on three keys areas: Mind, Body and Community. Creating awareness, habits and ultimately health in each one of these is what we believe all growing minds need to excel.

Put your child on the right path to success. Give them the opportunity to develop and learn new skills.



FITkids passionately believe that a healthy mind leads to a healthy life. Through this program every one of our students is equipped with the confidence, self-belief and resilience to lean into all of life’s opportunities and challenges.



Modern day research continues to illustrate that the body and mind are dynamically interrelated. Healthy mind…healthy body and vice versa. At FITkids we live by this.

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Humans are social beings. We are at our best when we feel connected and are a part of something meaningful. Our program brings children together, giving them the opportunity to problem solve and collaborate in a fun and safe environment.

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We love FITkids! My daughter was a nervous, quiet and shy young girl. Since joining FITkids 3 years ago she is now a fit, confident and fearless child. We couldn't be happier with the FITkids program.

AnnaMother of Amy

Each week my son learns new skills, gets stronger and fitter and improves his self confidence in a fun and safe environment. We love that he has made new friends outside of school. It's fantastic!

AdrianFather of Ben

Boxing has a title attached to it. Everyone thinks it's about aggression. What my daughter and myself have learnt about coming to FITkids is, it's much more about control & discipline. My daughter has learnt to listen and follow instructions better while having a great time.

HarryFather of Mary
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