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A program developed & run by school teachers, for children. Aimed at equipping students with the confidence & self-belief needed to take on life’s challenges.

The FITkids experience is unrivaled. Born from a passion for education and wellness, the program was specifically designed to help young people overcome the challenges they face today.

Our program focuses on three key areas: Mind, Body and Community. We develop children’s confidence, self – esteem, resilience & persistence. Creating awareness, habits and health in each of these areas is what we believe all growing minds need to excel.

Put your child on the right path to success. Give them the opportunity to develop and learn new skills.



Confidence improves through building on small successes. Our program makes sure goals are achievable while praising effort and improvement. Do you want your child brimming with confidence?



All Children should have a positive view of themselves. Children who are more willing to work out of their comfort zone and take on challenges, develop high self-esteem and confidence. At FITkids our students regularly work outside their comfort zone.

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A child’s self esteem and confidence is developed through relationships. Our program encourages and fosters and strong sense of community and is a great place to make new friends.

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We love FITkids! My daughter was a nervous, quiet and shy young girl. Since joining FITkids 3 years ago, she is now a fit, confident and fearless child. We couldn’t be happier with the FITkids program.

AnnaMother of Amy

My son often shied away from challenges in and out of school. He has been going to FITkids now for 1 year and we have noticed a huge difference in his self esteem and confidence. He is now more willing to take on challenges and doesn’t mind making mistakes.

DaveFather of Cruz
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