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What FITkids is all about

Kids are under a lot of different pressures these days—definitely more than when we were young. The FITkids program is designed to help kids overcome these unique challenges they face today.

Instead of just playing video games, zoning out on the iPad, or chatting with their friends online, FITkids gets them active and gets them moving, in an environment that’s designed for fun.

We focus on three key areas: Mind, Body, and Community. By getting them moving, teaching good habits, creating awareness, and helping them do all this together with their friends, the ultimate goal at FITkids is to give your children the tools to set them up for success in life.



We believe that a healthy, active mind leads to a fulfilling life. At FITkids, we use exercise and challenge-based learning to equip our students with the confidence, self-belief, and resilience to lean into anything that their lives throw at them—at any age.



Research overwhelmingly shows that a healthy body and a healthy mind are closely linked. So our aim is to get your kids active, teaching them fun new ways to move, and showing them that exercise can be fun (without it feeling like exercise!).

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Being part of a community is important, especially at their age. The FITkids programs brings children together, giving them the opportunity to make friends, solve problems, learn to collaborate, and enjoy the rough-and-tumble that comes with being a kid, all in a fun and safe environment.

According to Australian government figures, 1 in 4 children aged 5 to 17 are obese or overweight.

That’s more than 600,000 kids on the path to an unhealthy future. The benefits of regular exercise during their formative years are indisputable. It helps them lower their weight, improve their energy, and reduce incidents of type 2 diabetes. It lowers their chance of elevated blood pressure and cardiovascular disease in the future. And, most importantly, it can improve their confidence, teaching them team-building and problem-solving skills—and shows them active ways to have fun, without seeming like a chore.

Our Coaches

Our coaches are driven by a belief that all children deserve a good start in life. They combine extensive teaching experience with an appetite for healthy living to set kids on the right path.

Shek Sinha

•Qualified Primary School Teacher with 10+ years experience
•Registered with Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT)
•Worked with troubled adolescents and special needs children
•Supervised a range of school sports programs and activities
•Teaching kids’ boxing for 3+ years
•Boxing Trainers’ Licence and Cert III & IV in Fitness
•First Aid Certificate and Working With Children Card

Sam Battaglia

•High School teacher
•Cert III & IV in Fitness
•Qualified Swim Instructor
•Takes skiing, abseiling, canoeing, bush walking, rock climbing classes
•3rd Degree Black Belt and Boxing Trainers Licence
•First Aid Cert and Working With Children Card
•Currently working with troubled adolescents & special needs children

Mark Derrick

•First Aid Certificate
•Working with Children Card & Boxing Trainers’ Licence
•Certificate III & IV in Fitness
•Qualified Primary & High School Teacher
•Worked with troubled adolescents
•Registered with Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT)
•Over 15 years combined Martial arts experience
•Bachelor of Physical Education

Ali Lai – Carlyle

•Qualified Boxing Instructor
•Boxing Trainers’ Licence and Cert III & IV in Fitness
•First Aid Certificate and Working with Children Card

What they'll learn

The FITkids program is built on 6 key learning pillars.

  • Boxing

    One of the most fun and effective fitness activities there is! They’ll learn how to safely punch, jab, cross, and duck, all strictly non-contact. They get all the benefits without any of the risks.

  • Strength & Conditioning

    We use a range of high intensity and fun activities to develop their core strength and improve their fitness. And we do it in a way that doesn’t feel like exercise.

  • karate


    We help our students build the skills, attitude, mindset, and confidence to navigate difficult situations, or even avoid them altogether.

  • heart

    Health & Wellness

    At FITkids we want our students feeling good on the inside and out. So we help them learn that what they put into their body—whether it’s the food they eat, the games they play, or the shows they watch—is just as important for their wellbeing as physical exercise.

  • focus icon


    In a world of video games, social media, and trends that change daily, one of the most important abilities is to be able to slow down and focus on the task at hand. We teach your kids how to be mindful of what they’re doing, what they’re thinking, and help them gain clarity and focus.

  • rubrics cube

    Teamwork and Play

    Games are a big part of what we do at FITkids, and not just because it’s a fun way to learn. It helps them learn teamwork, teaching them how to win and lose graciously, and how to process these feelings in a healthy way.

Designed by teachers for students of all ages

Our coaches have over 20 years combined experience in education, health, and fitness. As teachers and fitness instructors, we’re constantly researching and refining the best ways to engage your kids.

Hear from parents of our FITkids


Whether you just want to know more about our activities, or you’re ready to sign your kids up right now, send us a message and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.